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Our Mission

At Snag My Wedding, our mission is to weave sustainable magic into every love story, creating a seamless and eco-friendly marketplace for reselling wedding items.

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Step One

First, gather those treasured wedding items that deserve a second dance in the spotlight.

Step Two

Second, list your treasures on our marketplace, sprinkling them with love and a dash of magic.

Step Three

Finally, watch the fairy tale unfold as eager brides-to-be fall head over heels for your pre-loved wonders.
Lauren Mickle, Los Angeles, CA
"Truly a girl’s best friend! I can’t believe how easy reselling items from my wedding was using Snag My Wedding. Thank you for creating such a great service!"
Beth Austin, Chicago, IL
"So happy I found your service! My wedding was over a year ago and I had no idea a service like this existed. It was super easy to upload my wedding photos and resell all the items from my wedding, including my dress. Thank you, thank you!"
Sydney Davis, Dallas, TX
"My closet thanks you! After my wedding I had so many leftover items like tablecloths, vases, flowers, wedding decor and so much more. These items were taking up space in my closet, so I was so happy to find Snag My Wedding and get everything resold to another bride. Love this concept! Super easy to use! "